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Are you are looking for project help or extra staff?

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The Perfect Starting Point

Happy to build a site from an idea or improve or rebuild what you have

Platform independent

I work to be responsive to your customers needs Responsive Web Design to fit to growing flexible screen sizes and device needs

Web Analytics

Good projects are built to improve web and business target KPIs and the best sites evolve and I work with data to seek to improve them

Blog posts

Should you avoid UX when the client don't engage

Question: "Sometimes I'm faced with clients who run away or avoid the content planning or wireframing. I hate to work with lorem ipsum, I need the content, I need to plan everything to design it, isn't this what is all about?

Fighting spam backlinks to a CMS

I have been fighting hacking attempts and bad backlink bot nets a few times this year on different jobs. This time I have been cleaning one that effects Joomla and Wordpress. Adding links and uploading form pages to upload more code.

Nightly Build mini evening conference

September 26th was and a good evening of frontend talk was had for quite a long evening with plenty free beer and a random german-america bar staff in a small after party

Joomla Day Germany 2014 - Koln

Review from the outside of the Koln Joomla Day or @joomlatag as I didnt have enough time with deadlines and being away to sort tickets I shall be reviewing it from down the road. Who knows might even go along and have a beer with the people this evening.

So more to follow, or check out twitter #jd14de for rolling updates

Highly Compatible

I have worked with many different platforms and technologies







Agile Scrum



Build websites from research and UX explorations then start blocking out with wireframes.

Layouts with dynamic and flexible grids

Why Tristan Bailey?

Develop for you on many fronts but still approachable



Work with templates or a designer to build fully responsive templates from mobile devices to tablet & wide screen desktop



I work with many popular Open Source frameworks Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony or pain PHP and CMS like Joomla, WordPress and django

Bootstrap 3


Frontend Frameworks are also important as the backend. You should try and keep the basis of standard that many developers know and so dont leave you with technical debt


SEO < Content Stratergy

Great design impresses your visitors and then convert them, but traffic starts out side so SEO friendly code and good content brings visitors but the work now a days is much more PR and strategy that set it up perfect and leave it.

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