DYF alumni meetup

To take advantage of Brennan and lots of DYF members being in Brighton, here is the meetup venue.

You do not need to have a ticket to the LifeTimeValue Conference in the next day, but I think 5 or so people are. Conference main day is Wednesday, so we pick Tuesday night.

Also if you are going to the conference and there is another event you must get to in the evening, come by, say hi and then do your thing. 

We will plan to be there from 6pm until pub close, so if you are coming from London after work do that.

It is about 5mins from the train station towards the sea. The venue for the LTV is behind the station about 10mins away.

So be there and bring your best Consultant manor and buy Brennan, or each other a drink!

Caxton Arms, Brighton


Tuesday 18th April , 6pm Until close. 

36 North Gardens, Brighton, BN1 3LB

Please post on Slack if you need advice on places to stay or trains etc. I can also advise you of places to work in Brighton if you want to come for the day. 

Bring your virtual selves and get there in person, for this one of a kind event, in April, in Brighton, just for you

p.s. the pub has two doors and so it is the right side of the bar door.

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Building MVP on contract

New line of work this year, with startups I have been contracting for and partnering with. I've been consulting and offering advice while building Marketable Valuable Products - MVP -  getting them to the marketing and pitching round. Its been an interesting process to try and start with very little and bash it and polish it into shape for a marketing launch and pitching at events and with VC investors. 

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