Joomla Day Germany 2014 - Koln

Review from the outside of the Koln Joomla Day or @joomlatag as I didnt have enough time with deadlines and being away to sort tickets I shall be reviewing it from down the road. Who knows might even go along and have a beer with the people this evening.

So more to follow, or check out twitter #jd14de for rolling updates

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Support is a long game

Having never worked with a shippable product as the main part of a business I have worked for my understanding of support is more towards the sale and maybe talking to people after to see if they would buy a service again.

Working these years as a freelancer and with agencies you build up a history of projects and clients. Quite different to just customers that another department deals with when working in house at a company. Now the history is good as it shows your work and gets your name out to people. Past clients ask you back to do new things and recommend you on to others.

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When Under Construction

So got the new site going after a bit of an absence. I figured in the end if I am freelance I need a shop window, and have a couple of my own projects coming.

So I am off to find a responsive, flat, under construction, mpv man image to put on the homepage...


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