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Episode: 10 Cliff Notes on manufacturing

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Darren and HighRoller are working on a great new product and bringing it to the UK market, becoming recognised as the most effective foam roller for physio recovery or post workout. Working themselves to add to the R&D and improve the quality of this already highly regarded professional product from Finland. I know Darren Teague and HighRoller though their marketing lead Esther Cochrane from many years ago working together on launching the John Lewis website. So it was good to catch up and we pick up the conversation where I learn what Darren has been doing with improving and marketing this product with Trade Shows, Pro Athletes and Retail.


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This episode of Cliff Notes Podcast: Lead manufacturing, host and founder of Holdingbay Tristan Bailey talks to Darren Teague of High Roller for the Cliff Notes podcast. Darren is one of the owners and a strength and conditioning coach working with a variety of athletes including professional footballers, cricketers, amateur athletes, young athletes and more recently clients who have had brain injuries, has found the HighRoller to be an invaluable tool for soft tissue muscle management.

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