What is holding your business back?

Engineering Value, improving website sales and turning more profit

Holdingbay, web development and B2B strategy

When you own a business selling to other businesses nurturing sales takes a long time. Time put into the market and quality products needs to grow returns.

Have you been giving your website channel enough attention for the possibilities it can bring?

Company awareness is grown by being consistent and sharing your message. We know from working with our clients customers with long decision cycles that they invest a lot in getting to know a brand, its people and product offering. Many of the conversations are personal, one-to-one as "People like to buy from people".

Businesses for a while can no longer buy mailing lists reliably, (added more personal direction of GDPR we see), they can not be at every trade show without large budgets. The issue in the busy world is no one has enough time to talk to everyone they want at once, which is where digital marketing and websites come in. You can though share your message at scale online, as a good host and your own publisher.

Improve customer interaction, speeding up sales lead conversions through a data-driven process, with more than just a visual makeover.

Especially if you represent a company in manufacturing, creating or selling physical goods. You can get more results from your website, in this flexible shop window.


Agency Services

Website built right, from business values or improve your current one.
We have build websites to improve business lead volume.

GDPR mapping and website update

Frame good business. We come in at the Planning stage, talk about your business and its need to drive physical product leads and sales.

Web Analytics

Good projects are built to improve business and investment targets. The best sites evolve and we work with your data to grow them for you.


Successful websites for Education for teachers on geography, White Clark Group responsive website and Crowd Butler mobile sms site.

Web Agency Services - where shall we start talking?


"An innovative problem solver and facilitator of learning!
... Tristan’s ability to understand what we required even before we knew what we wanted ourselves has helped us to develop from a mediocre offering to the best in class industry leading website. ..."

Jeremy Fielden Digital Marketing Specialist at White Clarke Group

"Tristan is a very conscientious and hard-working web developer. His professionalism combined with friendliness make his easy to approach and co-operate with, and I would be happy to work with him again."

Miia Matinolli Expert Investor Europe


Photo by Richard Gatley on Unsplash