How do you Bake your Bread?

What Can a Website do for Manufacturing Sales?

Manufacturing Web Video Highlights

Lets dive into the highlights of videos I have been watching this month.

Online Business Predictions 2017

Looking at 2017 and having an ongoing conversation with Hayden of the year ahead

Interview Sam Watts of MakeReal on Practical use of VR

This week I interviewed Sam Watts of MakeReal for the Cliff Notes podcast on is game development background and moving into business uses of Virtual Reality.

Auditing your business machine

When first looking at any machine it's worth looking is it on or off. With a website that is easy, it's can be that easy, but not what everyone else is doing.

Launching the Cliff Notes podcast on SoundCloud

The launch is finally here of Cliff Notes Podcast. After a month of preparation and interview editing, I am now rolling with our first series of Podcasts.

Interview with Marcus Blankenship, leading a team is valuing the people

This week I interviewed Marcus Blankenship for the podcast on leading a team is valuing the people.

Make your website move past the flat brochure to a busy shop and forum

This month I thought I would look at websites that don't always live and breathe. They are left dusty on the shelf still with the hope that they will be welcoming enough.

Co-hosting on a Podcast on value conversations

Last week I was part of the round table discussion on the Experts and Influencers podcast. With my good friends and colleagues Hau Ngo, an Consultant in Supply Chain Analytics and Anthony English, an Enterprise Installation and Data Migration Expert from Sydney, Australia.