Speaking and public events

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During this year, if you want to meet me or one of the team we will be at these events or speaking there or online.

If you are interested in adding to an event, please use the contact form for speaking requests.


12 Minute Convos with Engel Jones Podcast - March 2019 - Guest to answer Engel's questions on my background

Manufacturing Ignition Podcast - April 2018 - Guest to talk about GDPR for HR and manufacturing

Hau with Experts and Influencers - 2017 - Three times a guest talking with Hau and Anthony on Technical project planning

UX Podcast - April 2017 - Guested to talk about analytics and UX

Webinar - 26 May 2016 - Data Driven process

Webinar - May 2016 - Introduction to reading Google Analytics

Webinar - February 2016 - Data Driven process

BrightonPHP - January 2016 - Joomla aged Three and a bit

Internet Marketing Podcast - 2015 - Value of CRM in your leads process, Internet Marketing Podcast, with Site Visibility #279


ZnooTV Kizien Online

Backing Britain Live Online

MACH 2020 DELAYED, Birmingham

Southern Manufacturing 2020 February, Birmingham

Past Events

Subcon Show 2019 4-7 June, Birmingham

MACH 2018 9-13 April, Birmingham

Subcon 2018, 5-7 June, Birmingham

Life Time Value Conf 10-11 May, London

Pirate Summit 2018, 3-5 July, Cologne, Germany

Pirate Summit, Sept 2017, Cologne, Germany

Subcon 2017, Birmingham

Pirate Summit 2016, Cologne, Germany

MACH 2016, Birmingham

SymfonyKoln, Cologne

Pirate Summit 2015, Cologne, Germany

PHP South Coast 2015, Portsmouth

Joomla JED 2015, Germany

BrightonSEO, Brighton

Pirate Summit 2014, Cologne, Germany

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