About us

Holdingbay, putting the CNC into Manufacturing's growing web business.

Holdingbay web agency for manufacturing, based in Sussex, happy to talk about your business needs, where ever your based

  • Drive value for Product making Manufacturers with targets to meet and slack to reduce.
  • Build projects from scratch or develop existing ones.
  • Manage the design and development process
  • Work is Agile, Responsive website with good analytic targets to improve results

Founded in 2012 this agency has grown to serve the results of customers in the UK, Germany and round the world. With a track record of building technical online solutions and partnering with in-house teams to release their potential. Less time entering back office data and more time automating and answering sales inquires.

We work with businesses in the Engineering industry who manufacture products and assemble tools that need to find and educate their buyers. Often these products are backed with desktop or cloud interfaces to track and use the resources they provide.

Online development success

We believe that online can fit the market of all businesses and is such an accepted and beneficial channel. It is not an alternative to the exclusion of other medium but offers a scale and return for the cost that would have required owning large press, tv and radio spots in the past. Now it offers and always on support to those channels and often allows lower spend there and more ROI through joined up strategy.

Product catalogues and training material can save much of the print costs being online and always be updated and close to a call to the sales and support line. This year Video is such a growing area that offers a personal and impactful addition. We back this with what we see as adding CNC to your unmanned website machine. Analytics and performance data allows you to get the best and see the results of building your online business machine to better out put of leads and reduce areas of waste and inefficiency

Trusted partners

We work with a close network of partner companies and specialists on projects. Working with the client goals to extend our in-house team with people right for getting the best results.

We are here to offer our consultation to get you on a roadmap to online growth, even if online is a new area to you. We offer established businesses growth and easy to understand direction. Then we agree a scope of work to achieve that business growth.


Tristan Bailey
Director and Head of Development

Tristan Bailey, consultant and head of development at HoldingbayWith over 15 years of building and running development projects focused on business outcomes and process improvement.
He has seen businesses in many shapes and sizes. With a continued focus on value for their customers through process improvement and return on investment, many small changes can teach you a world more knowledge when you learn from the data they provide.
Worked with 3 startups and medium to large business improving product and sales. Through consulting experience, managing developers and architecting agile solutions.

"The customer is number one when the people on the job are able to do their best"

Rest of the team
Development, Design, UX, Marketing, Analytics, SEO

We work with long term partners and contracted team players. Teams on a project vary with scale, with a typical number two to four. When a project has been started we build the best team around that client's needs. If the project needs more design and branding work then we add these skills to the project. The same is true for any need we have for scaling the project to the client. Some people we worth with work on multiple projects with us a year and some we bring in when it fits the goals. This allows us to bring the best skills and value to Holdingbay clients.