Joomla Developer Agency Brighton, UK

Joomla Specialists at this agency

We offer Joomla development and design based in Brighton, East Sussex

If you are looking for a Brighton Joomla Agency or developer in the South Coast of England or remote as a developer in London or the UK we can offer this service. We have Joomla specialists and have used it for projects, having an existing or new requirement for it. We have built sites with many CMS and have enjoyed working with the latest version of Joomla for the last 4 years, building over 14 websites. We work with Joomla freelancer specialists and can recommend them for smaller jobs.

We often work with local Brighton businesses and companies in London and remote on their business needs. Clients range from UK, America, Sweden and Germany

As well as Joomla (Core Features) we write bespoke PHP code and also working with Laravel, WordPress and ExpressionEngine depending on clients needs. We see a fit for WordPress for Blogging and lighter sites but if you want to build a site into your business we currently favor Joomla as it is very flexible. The security and permissions model offers options to set up. It has some good e-commerce products to offer a sales platform.

We give time to the Joomla Project and have committed work to the Bug Squad, Security VEL and Marketing Team. Often found assisting in the Joomla project team forums.

Some recent Joomla websites I have built with my partners: - Joomla website to lift and improve Group brand - Joomla with django API integration - Joomla website built for registration in under a month for a conference launch - Joomla travel site - Joomla support agreement.

Built Joomla extensions for these companies: - Joomla custom database product component - Joomla component for Newsletters internationalisation

We are available to plan and build, then migrate old websites to the Joomla CMS or upgrade your Joomla 1.5 or 2.5 sites. We offer training for clients and work with frontend designers and then build up the website. We also develop custom PHP modules to offer new features or integration.

We attended conferences and meetups with Joomla ones big on the list J and Beyond, Joomla Day London and Joomla Day Cologne.

Please get in contact if you have a project for us to work with you on.