Web Analytics Audits

To get your business moving forward, you need to know where now is.

What is tracked is managed, so is your tracking working.

Over 100 points tested and a report can be back in your hands in 48 hours.

A Holdingbay website health check starts here with looking at how people visit and use your business website.

Your data is like they are Financial, if you miss, it's lost
  • Technical Audit with non technical advice - If you use Google Analytics to track your visits and make sales
  • Have Google Analytics on your website for 2 weeks or years, want to know if its working correctly.
  • Tracking Goals, Events, Funnels, Outbound Links, File Downloads, Speed, Campaigns...
  • Also test Google Search Console (Webmaster tools), Google Tag Manager, review 3rd party services you use
  • Learn what data you might be missing, and opportunities to improve conversion and incite
  • Comes with a consulting call to start and summaries the quick actions and suggested improvements
  • Read: Start auditing your website



"An innovative problem solver and facilitator of learning!
... ability to understand what we required even before we knew what we wanted ourselves has helped us to develop from a mediocre offering to the best in class industry leading website. ..."

Jeremy Fielden Digital Marketing Specialist at White Clarke Group

"very conscientious and hard-working web developer. Professionalism combined with friendliness make his easy to approach and co-operate with, and I would be happy to work with him again."

Miia Matinolli Expert Investor Europe


Yes, this audit gives a good picture to move forward from if there are technical issues that might affect performance and search ranking. The last section is gives more structured thoughts on opportunities past the scope of the audit.

Good point to start when taking on a new position of responsibility at a company and need a better picture, or before starting new expansion.

This is not through a strategy for growth for a company that may already know what they have. It will suggest a percentage improvement in search rank, conversions and areas where things may be wrong or losing data.

It is not possible to tell much about a website prospect without doing the audit first, but this is not the sort of thing to add £10-50k to website value.But it might suggest if the website is in good shape or needs to have areas redeveloped.

Strategy for real change uses this as a starting point to discuss and bring up ideas with the business, "you perform well here", "people getting lost or not finding this page", "what are my customers doing". It is a review of now, and some of the things in the report could be fixed by a less trained person or internally after, and some take more work.

This covers to the question compliance, this looks at Web Standards, not GDPR. We offer a different audit for GDPR as this compliance is more about processes so needs more talking with the business as well as auditing. The audit can highlight some simple areas to review for GDPR, but it is not for GDPR in the regular audit. The second audit is a similar price again, and we also offer a quote at the end to fix the website parts of the process, it is not a full legal audit of the whole business, just technical around the website part of the business.

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