Auditing your business machine

When first looking at any machine it's worth looking is it on or off. With a website that is easy, it's can be that easy, but not what everyone else is doing.

Audit Google Analytics tracking on your business website

Open a new web browser window and type in your website address and press return. When is has finished loading the page, do you know if the Google Analytics tracking is working? Is it working for everyone else? If it is your business website, are they counting all the success they want to achieve with these statistics?

Metrics Display - FAGOR CNC 8055Metrics Display - FAGOR CNC 8055

The flow of visitors and actions on Websites are like factories or complex machines. You need to look at a higher level dashboard or instrument panel to see the rest of the controls. The data the machine is sharing as raw 1 and 0s are turned into patterns of visitors with an interest in your company.

The visits to pages and actions people take need constant auditing and quality control to see you are feeding the right things in getting valuable results out.


In this worksheet, I will share some of the things you can start looking for to check on the health your web traffic.

Google Analytics example dashboardA dashboard report in Google Analytics

Pages in a website are a bit like a mould, their content shapes the resulting actions and visitors journey between them but mainly not themselves the end product. So we need to check the data recorded for these actions. We need out quality control and attention to tag visitor's actions so we will get the clean data out, and not discover we are missing parts.

Here is some advice on things to look for to improve the quality of your data. Good analytics data monitoring in equals good reports coming out, and you wouldn't want to miss people visiting or what they are doing on your site, would you?

While I have worked with several platforms, I recommend starting with Google Analytics. The setup is quite straightforward and there are plenty of other successful businesses doing the same.

Download the analytics audit worksheet here

Photographs by Fagor Automation.

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