Tristan Bailey, Brighton

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Founder and Head of Development

Tristan Bailey, consultant and head of development at Holdingbay With over 20 years of building and running development projects focused on business outcomes and process improvement.

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Tristan Bailey has worked in senior development roles with Mobile startup CrowdButler, JohnLewis, TimeOut and Apex Group, where he managed development and analytics. Now advises and delivers strategy with development to B2B companies to improve sales through better workflow. Where we align analytics with business goals and develop applications to support them. He likes giving to the community through mentoring and hosting a podcast to share learning from other people’s success.

He has seen businesses in many shapes and sizes. With a continued focus on value for their customers through process improvement and return on investment, many small changes can teach you a world more knowledge when you learn from the data they provide.

"The customer is number one, when the people on the job are able to do their best"

Worked with many medium to large business and three startups improving product and sales. Through consulting experience, managing developers and architect agile solutions.

  • Looking for business value

  • Steam line workflow processes

  • Leading technical teams

  • Talk to non-technical people without technical aspects

What other people have said

"An innovative problem solver and facilitator of learning!
... Tristan’s ability to _understand_ what we required even before we knew what we wanted ourselves has helped us to develop from a mediocre offering to the _best in class_ industry leading website. ..."

Jeremy Fielden Digital Marketing Specialist at White Clarke Group

"Working with Tristan is great. Not only does he deliver on time, he also explains his processes, giving full transparency.
This enables me to qualify the work to my clients, so that they know that they are in good hands.
I would highly recommend working with Tristan."

Jen Wallace Communications Director, JooJoo Creative

"... was able to provide _innovative solutions_ to projects and extend Joomla beyond its normal capabilities. He is fun to work with, and has knowledge of the Internet beyond development and programming..."

Michael Guthrie Director, KnowledgeArc

"Tristan is a very conscientious and hard-working web developer. His professionalism combined with _friendliness_ make his easy to approach and co-operate with, and I would be happy to work with him again."

Miia Matinolli Expert Investor Europe


  • Architecture and created a team to build a SaaS (in Laravel) for automating website analytics auditing.

  • Deliver a ecommerce sales funnel application to join Facebook Ads interest into sales in CRM and meet Christmas deadline.

  • Facilitating the integration of customer sales and marketing Joomla website with Django backend and staff tool.

  • Saving teams time and money though automating sales and admin setup tasks that would take 2 weeks down to hours of background automation.

  • Mentoring young developers to deliver a solution that could without down time be rolled out part by part to replace an old large sales website.

  • Work in a team to move a thick technical detailed reference book (updated every 3years) in to a large website, that grew the audience and reduced the time needing to update the content to as often as needed.


Working with Open Source technologies but not tied to a single platform. Worked with integrating and delivering websites in Joomla and WordPress, building SaaS applications in Laravel. Projects usually involve scaling systems and directing frontend developers to features in Javascript and CSS layout, but is know to be able to get his hands dirty in the frontend too.

Tristan understands Linux servers and delivery so getting servers set up right and running systems in containers in docker to allow scaling.

Some more testimonials

"Professional, diligent and a great problem solver, he finds solutions that allows the company to move forward more seamlessly."

Rich Ambler Director, Cactus

"With Holdingbay, we have a professional company watching our back from the online perspective -- it is so reassuring and gives us peace of mind."

Mick Denness Daily Dog Digs

Available for Press and Podcast interviews.