GDPR Technical Audits

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Days since enforceable:

What is tracked is managed, have you started tracking your personal data usage. Focusses on your practical step towards achieving GDPR compliance.

Take the first steps towards GDPR compliance with your website by understanding your obligations, what are your current processes and identify gaps.

  • Document and review your website processes to produce Data Itinerary.
  • Review cookie and third party services to map data processing.
  • Identify any unneeded legacy connections and services who are not compliant.
  • Update website frontend technical changes needed to be compliant.

This is not intended as a checklist, it is actionable results to save you time before the deadline.

Advice can be extended to reviewing custom applications change plan.

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This is not legal advice, it is designed to speed up the leg work required to implement GDPR by professionals when internal staff are not yet up to speed or can not spare the time. This does not replace advice your legal council has given you.

GDPR Audit and Implementation

Audit 3rd parties and cookies

Website built right, share a list of cookies and there use, we can discover and help you communicate this.

Audit and diagram Personal Private Data flows

Frame the data journey through the website and partners in datagrams an data inventory, to show ICO audits your privacy planning.

Implement frontend changes

Good GDPR change improve business and investment. The best sites evolve to make it clear they support customers right to control data.


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GDPR topic resources

Removal requests (Right to be forgotten)

Make a GDPR removal request process. Removal requests come with the extra need to delete data that staff or other systems might want to use.

Separate Personal Data

Store data at rest encrypted and transmit all communication securely to be in GDPR with personal data.

What is GDPR?

GDPR is enforceable 25 May 2018 and is concerned with the collection, storage and processing of personal data under General Data Protection Regulation 2016

GDPR Personal data export requests (The right of access)

Under GDPR people you store data on can request their Personal Private Information you will need a system to export and share this

On-going process so bake in Privacy by Design

This evolution to a better set of practices is, Privacy by Design that GDPR leads to.

Visitor Opt-In Controls for GDPR

Clear granular opt-in controls for GDPR compliance. Remember you can no longer pre-tick boxes for terms or Opt-In, so make sure the options are short and clear.

Visitor Opt-In needs logging for GDPR

Log the location and time of opt-in, where recommend also store Screengrabs with your GDPR data process audits.

Re-engagement campaigns for email opt-in renewal

GDPR requires that you record consent, so your email list or marketing database may need to re-engage with members to track missing consent