Re-engagement campaigns for email opt-in renewal

GDPR actionable steps

Summary of the regulation step

  • For non-active email
  • No record of opt-in
  • Warm a subscriber action

For marketing lists and email subscribers that do not have opt-in recorded and consent is given a re-engagement campaign is a good process to begin. If you begin this before May 2018 you will have an easier process to follow.

Re-engagement is a campaign that works best when surrounds different media and locations. The idea is to educate customers why they are going to get value from your content. The clear reasons for it and why it adds to their security to learn about the new regulations and opt-in to your marketing again.

So blogging on the process, clear landing pages for the reasons to be sharing with you. If you have an event or other public places sharing the campaign with a suitable slogan and images can show just how clear and honest you are being. The campaign is to raise and warm the level of trust with your users.

When working with email, see if your ESP supplier has a specific feature or process you can use. Otherwise work on the process of something like this, one email every two weeks to the whole list you need to target. After 28 days of no activity from that email address remove that user. If for processing it is clearer to move people from one list to a new one, then you can convey the new start and depreciate the use of the old list after the campaign.

Investigate also if your supplier has a Preference Profile page each subscriber can visit to update their own details.

This will also serve as a good point for them to be aware of changing the setting or opting out of individual lists later. If you can include an email frequency option this can be helpful. As some customers may want to be contacted more or less frequently while remaining subscribed.

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