Visitor Opt-In Controls for GDPR

GDPR actionable steps

Summary of the regulation step

  • Clear, natural language
  • Granular
  • Opt-Out by default
  • Group same intent

The controls offered to the visitor should be written in clear language, at a granular level. You can no longer pre-tick any options in terms of service or Opt-In, so make sure the options are short and clear, and they give a good reason or value to agree.

Any form of data capture you use should only capture the data that is needed and would be expected to carry out that action. So to download a white paper, asking someone the size of their house or salary would not be classed as necessary. Also that they should be forced to opt-in to marketing to complete the process would be deemed against the rules.

Give people the option to opt-in for a newsletter separate from cookies, or data sharing, or application use. If you use a group of add technologies it may be appropriate to group those with one permission.

More GDPR actionable steps


Consent Opt-in examples
Example of steps for their granular GDPR changes to consent from this web builder site
PageFair has good UX examples of how Ad Technology could be granular opt-in

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