Have your systems moved to rolling update policy

Have you considered if the software you run your systems is up to date and is on a rolling updates plan?

This September as you start looking to the last quarter of the year and planning changes and improvement for the next. Take a moment,

To consider if your online servers and software are keeping pace with innovation and security.

We have been approached to a growing number of businesses we have not worked with before, but have identified that their systems are at risk.

At this time I am not talking about do they work today, or have you seen an issue, but if you are not on at least a 6 month rolling upgrade schedule, the software will become at risk.

The good news it is it often a smaller change and easy consideration to keep things updated and patched. If you do not and you become more than 6 months or a year behind, the forced updates can become an issue that can require downtime and can be leaving security holes un-patched.

PHP the main language we work in will end security updates for version 7.2 in Nov 2020. (With 7.3 and 7.4 in public use)

If your company like several businesses that have spoken to us this month are still running lower versions like 5.5 (or earlier 7.x). You will be missing out on massive speed boost and many features that are now insecure and not supported by modern software.

The good news is upgrades are possible and Holdingbay can help you chart a path.

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