White Clarke Group

Built for the Car Finance sector, a marketing brand face lift for the global business

Built for the Car Finance sector, a marketing brand face lift for the global business.

Working with: Bryan Kidd - design, Daz - frontend code

Working with a team in a large multinational Automotive industry, Finance sector. With the great new branding and visual direction of Bryan Kidd, I took the lead on the delivery and build.


An innovative problem solver and facilitator of learning! I've had the pleasure of using Tristan’s expertise for a number of years now on numerous website development and server migration projects. His professionalism is second to none but what really stands out for me is his patience and willingness to help explain the technical aspects of the work being carried out.

Tristan’s ability to understand what we required even before we knew what we wanted ourselves has helped us to develop from a mediocre offering to the best in class industry leading website.

I would not hesitate to recommend Tristan and am sure he would be an asset to any team or company.

Jeremy Fielden Digital Marketing Specialist at White Clarke Group

First we tackled with moving the old ExpressionEngine site to new cloud hosting on Azure, their platform of choice. Once the old site was under new management, we could go about deconstructing the data for export and working with the writers and UX to re organise it.

With the first success under our belt, the team move forwards with moving form design to coded html, Daz gave us some great clean work to build on. After I set up the new install, I coded the next phases of the work.

I managed this flow and also the deconstructing and best architecture to build the new site and manage the search ranking migration. We build on several interactive elements and content workflows which we trained the company teams to maintain.

The upgraded project was later migrated to Rackspace and the build workflow improved as well as support contract arranged.

Since the project a number of other brands for the group have been redesigned and built by the team in the following year, maintaining an ongoing relationship.

Client: White Clarke Group

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