What Can a Website do for Manufacturing Sales?

Working with new sales partners and customers will come with a range of support and technical specification questions

Brand Building

When talking to people in person and on the product you deliver your brand needs to be strong. Are you supporting that and building on it in the best way you can.

Showcase product

Great products need to be shown so they can be talked about. Not all things can be public due to the private nature of some work partnerships, but if you make your own parts or they can be shown, it does you a great service.

If you have products that can be photographed then investing in a mid range digital camera or having a local professional come in and do regular shots, gives good examples of the work produced and not just the machines available. Example of Amtek latest investment in robotics.

When sharing the finished product is not an option though another tip is to get to showcase the staff and facility. These are your biggest asset, so have the people talk and share their skills and knowledge on camera. Share these videos on your website and YouTube.com. When you list them on YouTube, it is free and is also one of the largest search engines on the internet after Google it's self.

Tip for expansion, a video is also good for showing expansion and new sites as they are built. Short panning videos of locations show more space and detail than a static photo that is hard to capture a large space.
Petford Tools video diary
Petford Tools new site and crane

There are many companies like MTD CNC and others we work with that can come and do a video walk around your shop floor. These can share the feeling staff has for quality control and detail that can be hard to share in print.

Share company culture

When people are looking where to work they look online for business websites to see what they can learn about the background of the company for stability. They also look for what is company culture now and if the business has learning and training programs.

For both their Graduate program and Apprenticeships JJS Manufacturing outlines their options and share some stories from young people starting in different areas, in their own words.

For customers, they will be looking for similar and work on capacity and sectors you have worked with. Tip here is providing resources on company standing and company pdfs, manuals and presentations that can be taken away and shared internally at decision making meetings.

Save time with online training

Working with new sales partners and customers will come with a range of support and technical specification questions. Will the parts perform to level needed and also what is the size and requirements for installing the product? If these details are available online, then planning for set up and space requirements are easier to solve.

On the Mecmesin site, there is plenty of detail and downloads of videos, case studies and PDF brochure of their wide range of testing products. By also offering special landing pages per industry they can share the same solution products but targeted at each markets needs and research focus.

After delivery and setup access either publicly or behind a partner login can be a great way to give people self-service access to support questions. Then moving past static assets, video, course and testing training can be given through an online portal website. Allowing for support to on site training and let people work self-paced.

Leverage company data for resellers and customers

When you have been working with a product or process for 5 - 10 years you are likely to build up extra performance and customisation data internally. In spreadsheets, databases or in house software that your company uses to make some tasks easier. Sometimes this might be used by engineers on shop floor, or in sales calls for available options, or support calls to help with after sales care.

While I think Haas could have done better with organising it, Haas Tips and Tracks Knowledge Base offers a list of useful operating advice pieces. On the Werma Signal Tower Configurator you can put together your own custom variations of parts and price and purchase it.

  • Product configurators
  • Tool selection apps
  • Mobile access to reports and specs
  • Data collection access from remote devices
  • Service API to access machine data

These assets already exist as value for daily use in the company but if remote mobile staff or other sites could access them you add an extra level of value. To then offer these on a website can allow your network and potential customers greater engagement and value, saving staff time on the phone to work on more valuable tasks.

If you would be interested to see what growing the value of your website could do for your business book a call as we would be interested in here what makes your business special.


Where is your client?

Leverage your brand knowledge, You know your brand and product better than anyone, so show that to everyone else, and stand out.

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