Dave Delaney shows Improv can Improve Networking - 2

Episode: 2 Cliff Notes on marketing

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Dave Delaney shows Improv can Improve Networking Dave Delaney shows Improv can Improve Networking

Dave Delaney, award-winning social media marketing consultant and professional speaker specializing in social media strategy, content marketing, and business networking.

Read more at http://daveadelaney.com

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This episode of Cliff Notes: Lead manufacturing Podcast founder of Holdingbay and host Tristan Bailey talks to Dave Delaney about his career in social media and working with marketing physical products.

Working with Griffin on their computer and Mac accessories selling and working with product teams. Telling the story of his early work trying to persuade people of the value of ads on his social BBS services before the Internet. Then using Improv to overcome the fears of networking and improve your business relationships, by becoming a support for each other.

Do you know someone who would make a good guest or have any comments on this episode?

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