Kewazo, building scaffolding robots for Industry 4.0 - 5

Episode: 5 Cliff Notes on automation

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Ekaterina Grib, Business Development & Marketing at Kewazo, With a vision to develop robotic-based systems controlled by Artificial Intelligence. The pilot system will evolve from scaffolding assembly system into a frame of swarm robotics that will change the way of common large and medium size buildings construction

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This episode of Cliff Notes: Lead manufacturing Podcast founder of Holdingbay and host Tristan Bailey talks to Ekaterina Grib at Kewazo, in Germany about prototyping and building robots to climb scaffolding. Founding a company and what it takes to find market-fit and build and test a new system like this for more than 4 storey buildings. Growing out of top German Technical university to founding and growing this business and targeting to construction business.

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