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Podcast for businesses managing change and building physical products, and want online to deliver more

Ep 18 : Talking APIs evolving serverless with Rob Allen

Rob has also has an interest in Serverless solutions, in particular the Apache OpenWhisk project and its commercial implementation on IBM Cloud Functions

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Hi, I'm the host Tristan Bailey, I decided in 2016, the years of listening to other peoples podcasts and talking to interesting people, solving problems in industry long enough, without taking notes. All the experience and lessons could help so many more people and add to this sharing community, so I started this podcast. Capturing the Cliff Notes from successful people at this changing time as digital systems and manufacturing meet, and sharing it with you the great audience. The shows are about them and I get to listen like you.

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"The biggest mountains can't be climbed alone" - Bruce Kasanoff

Listen to Cliff Notes Podcast for the best business guests giving thoughts on management, sales and marketing. When you need to move a mountain getting the best from an experienced leader, team work, tools and a life lesson achieves more for your business. We get the cliff notes from the leaders on their careers and great companies that build a great product and reach new heights.

Podcast for managers dealing With change in their industries or work, and how they have navigated the journey to help others on the path behind them. Focus on people in Manufacturing and where physical products meet digital technology. Bridging the gap from product to new business sales via digital but mostly about people. At the show we love the UK, but it is part of a world market and business has local and worldwide reach with distribution partners.

Hosted by Tristan Bailey, also available to guest on other podcasts.

What are Cliff Notes

"Have you got the cliffnotes?" Cliff Notes has been the salvation of many a time-crunched, inquisitive student of a topic with a lot of reading. Cliff's Notes (Clifton Hillegass in 1958) where student study guides. The guides present and explain literary and other works in pamphlet form or online. Also thought of as the notes in the margin when studying or revising the most key points of a topic.

We like to think of them as the career and business discovery highlights that guests look back on with us to help inform and educate others.

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