Analytics adds another dimension to UX with Luke Hay

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Episode: 7 Cliff Notes on analytics

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Cliff Notes Podcast Ep 7 - Analytics adds another dimension to UX with Luke Hay
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Luke Hay Luke Hay

Luke Hay, Analytics and UX Consultant with over 15 years industry experience in all forms of website management. Talks with me about his new book Researching UX - Analytics: Understanding is the Heart of Great UX. By the end of this book, you'll have a strong understanding of the important role analytics plays in the UX process. It will inspire you to take an "analytics first" approach to your UX projects.

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This episode of Cliff Notes: Ask a leader Podcast. Tristan Bailey talks to Luke Hay to understand when a business should use UX and Analytics and how easy and valuable it is to get started. how can you get started with Analytics or UX in your business and where to begin.

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