Visiting the MACH 2016 expo for Mechanical Engineering and Manufacture

Visiting an expo is a complex mix of things plus high energy and possibilities It is a coming together under one umbrella. Of so many different directions and intents. That all self identify in that space and have shared understanding. MACH 2016 for Mechanical Engineering and Manufacture, did not disappoint.

Welcome to Birmingham and MACH Exhibition 2016, the UK's premier manufacturing technologies event put on by Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA). All stands showing machines, tools and parts to help craft and build the end product that may be sold on or other people on the floor will build into there pipeline. Moving the part to the next stage of the greater cycle. Making one part or tool to fold back into a smaller part of the next process. Refining and growing through generations of process. A cog as a end product for one, staring in the production of the next, who's end product was a tool in the next.

Werma UK

Talking to Tim Bradburn, the Sales Manager-Systems on the Werma stand. The addition to their wide range of lights to this simple to install extension of the lights use was interesting to see. These wireless units add to there existing modular machine lighting towers, KombiSIGN 40. Tim wakes me thought how it doesn't use WiFi but more like a TV signal so is good for workshops with dividers and walls.
It offers though the software a way to monitor the status and output of the machines on a shop floor. A dashboard and productivity charts. I'll write more on this in the future and how it puts into the factory the process we advocate for the web. The Wellingborough, England company looks set for a good year.


In the other hall I met the sales manager who showed me tcardsonline. They made physical boards for years and also their newer online SaaS solution. This looks a nice progression from plastic wall mounts with paper cards in. It allows flexibility and customisation of how you setup what's on the cards and how they flow. If it's part orders though the system or staff movements. Being online means you can check it remotely as well without walking across the building. The history of the card movement and people's names who have moved it is a time saving bonus.
In agile development we work with Kanban and Scrum boards this allows this lean movement of work tasks but other more flexible custom business planning as well.


Having the chance to share a beer with Mark Deadman, New Business Development Director and Paul Jones at MTD CNC ltd. They had a prime crows nest floor above the show. I have been enjoying there work and share there marketing outlook on getting businesses talking with people and not just suppliers. Their work on video interviews and marketing on their improved Manufacture Marketing platform adds humor and also real use cases for big machines at busy CNC shops in the UK. Keep up the good work guys and go checkout their YouTube channel and videos from the show.

Highlight of the show. Was the KombiSIGN 40 and software for closing the loop without adding additional process.

Also a write up from directors on the stands floor survey. Look forward to the next MACH 2018 in two years.

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