When work slows for winter, my mind moves to Startup

So, I have been thinking about my bootstrap idea for a bit over a year now, and feel that if I don't make time for it I will not do it.

So have been taking the time at Christmas parties and meet ups to pitch it to other people. This has been a very valuable idea, a. because drunk people are difficult to persuade so takes good clear effort and b. some of the people I have talked to early in an evening have turned to very possible leads.

It has given me confidence in the idea and trying to keep it simple. I have two or three business people interested in trying a beta of it so , better get my coding skates on over Christmas.

All I will say for now is I need to name it, and its and Analytics SaaS web app, and is not a real time dashboard in node. (like the all sub 20 year olds and measure bowling were running, kids ! )

Also thanks to Peter and Emmanuel who might work with me on this and have been good sounding boards so far.


Do you have a project you need to start on?

Send me your suggestion, I always like to hear from people.

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