Whats more exciting than an Arduino

Whats more exciting is getting one in the post and thinking of what to build with it.

I have wanted to build something with electronics for a long time but electrical diagrams and believing it a bit hard have put me off. But I went to the Build Brighton hack space last week where they did an evening on RaspberryPi, and Python.

Python I can do and the stuff some people were building with trail and error excited me again. Looking at the two systems RaspberryPi is more a full computer but small, and Arduino is much smaller but better to interface with. Even better you can stick an Arduino on a Pi for greater flexibility. So though I would like to program it in python I think starting with an Arduino will be better as I'll have to work my way round 32k rather than a high ceiling of power.

So on my Christmas list is lots of electrical tools and kit. Hope I can get my son interested in pressing buttons and lighting LEDs too.


This is the kit I'm starting with A new world of Sketch and soldering awaits. (Interested if you are also doing the same?) :)

Do you have a project you need to start on?

Send me your suggestion, I always like to hear from people.


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