Taking Docker for a spin to get to the CI world

For my current side project I am trying to learn and get a Continuous Integration (CI) server running and also take the time to learn about Docker.

I want to get a better deploy workflow from git to the different servers on bigger projects so getting going with a CI server seemed to make sense. I have Jenkins set up before but the physical size of it on one of my droplets and also that it likes crashing made looking for something else interesting.

So I hit upon some new services in drone.io and circleci that have good SaaS offerings and free bottom tears. For a business use I think having a paid set of servers makes sense as paying to look after the servers is effort a developer does not need.

In a couple of screens I add my GitHub key and choose a project and a deploy script, job done and no java to set up. I saw on GitHub that the Go server for Drone was there to use and uses Docker containers to set up and build sites. This seemed a toy that could not be left unplayed.

I know some friends who have a Docker start up company and didn't really know much more about it so dove in. Now the brain workflow shift to understand building a site in containers I am closer after this. I get it for multiple stack sites that want to scale and react to traffic, but my freelance work is not that scale.

What I like is that you can add and move containers around with little script setup files, that are much smaller than a tone of VMs. As the containers are just the parts on top of the VM you are not storing so much.

Back in drone, the instructions and some YouTube watching to understand docker got me a server running and pulling from bitbucket and GitHub. My issue was understanding how to code the deploy. For that I had to learn and understand some more, as I had missed a detail, but gave me a better understanding after.

Have you been struggling knowing what to do next?

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