Manufacturing Web Video Highlights

Lets dive into the highlights of videos I have been watching this month.

For the video playlist you can directly click here:

Number 1 - Building the best cool box, for fishing trips.

This is the story of some great guys who while building boats needed a cool box that also had a function with the lack of space on a boat. If you could not stand on it and you were going for a big catch then you were likely to break it.

Some good incite into the way they grew it small for themselves then saved of taking investment until later and the grass roots valued and respected the great bit of kit.

Number 2 - Calculating ROI in the Machine Shop!

The great channel at NYC CNC keeps turning out good work and interesting videos. Started later in life to build better pocket knives turned in to much bigger Machine Tool shop project for John Saunders with his CNC Tormach machines.

This video he is talking about Return On Investment or ROI is in the machine shop and how it can help evaluate buying a new CNC machine or even bidding on a job.

Number 3 - Social Media Marketing for Manufacturers

MakingChips do a great regular podcast and this was their first episode of MakingChips TV for YouTube. Looking forward to more of these videos, that started with an intro to Social Media tops from Jim Carr working in Manufacturing and with his Machine Shop background.

Number 4 - Marley Spoon on Building a Great Engineering Org for Scale

Building a team and scaling values is hard work, and no one really knows this stuff naturally, as you move up a level you learn a whole new set of issues and factors to keep your team moving forward.

Number 5 - How to Make Your Voice Sound Better

I have been working to make the podcast and my audio recording better and this video offered some good advice from a professional voice recorder.

Number 6 - Business Succession Plan

Another good short video from MakingChips, on the necessary step for all business that want to be around in 5 years or even 50. To be always planning for succession and building it into your business.

Number 7 - Day 1 & 2 of SUBCON, Advanced Manufacturing and TEDIS 2017

Our friends at MDTCNC were out and about at the Big shows this year and with SUBCON, Advanced Manufacturing and TEDIS all next to each other, they could cover days one and two and see what these business big and small were getting out of the show. Plenty of business being done.


Whats was your favorite this month?

Send me your suggestion, I like to hear what you liked here or if I missed something you found a help.

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