Manufacturing Web Video Highlights

Lets dive into the highlights of December videos I have been watching this month.

Lets dive into the highlights of videos I have been watching this month. For the video playlist you can directly click here:

Number 1 - Drip Email Automation Teardown: Building a Content Marketing Funnel

Brian Casel has a great friendly manor and shares a lot on his businesses progress and growth, making a business to outsourcing writing as a monthly service to grow . In this video

Number 2 - Fusion OEM Daily Huddle and a walk around their building

Fusion OEM conducts a company wide 7 minute huddle every morning with all the staff, to keep them all onboard. I think lean manufacturing Standup meetings are very beneficial to keep everyone aware of other areas of the business and cut need for doubling work mistakes. Also it shows this business working as a team and introduces some of the staff, to feel more friendly and welcoming.

Number 3 - Seven Lessons from Manufacturing in China

Catherine Choi, Founder, SoYoung Inc., went from no experience with contract manufacturing to learning the ropes the hard way. Catherine provides her top tips for entrepreneurs about to embark on the contract manufacturing process.


Whats was your favorite this month?

Send me your suggestion, I like to hear what you liked here or if I missed something you found a help.

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