How do you Bake your Bread?

Quality is not only in the result but the approach

Baking in Results

When baking bread, do you like to set each loaf you make aside for the same result?

Or do you like to add a twist to each or maybe some seeds or try something new?

The good workout of kneading the dough is most likely shared but some of us like to be Artists with each crafted to the creative moment of the day, and likely for their own consumption.

The more refined will approach it as a Craft and want to turn each loaf out to the same top quality and refinement, as the last. The results are assured and the customer will be happy to know what they are buying.

The remainder does the job they have been asked and will either have results brought by repetition and requirement or to get the job finished.

How do you leave your loafs on the table?

Understanding the process

If you can look at the culture and motivations of the team in the process, you can look at the end of the spectrum you want to fit.

Put with this the proccesses to make this more effortless to achive or more refined, and push the bar you set.

What sort of bread do you make?

Leverage your brand knowledge, do you create small batches or keep up the results and continued sampling? Maybe with some butter straight out of the oven.


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