Product Review for Joomla! CMS

The killer feature apart from being free is simple start and scales from blog to enterprise level.

What do you like most?

When developing a solution with Joomla there is power in the separation of the backend admin for the website and the frontend. So you can add and change the templates later with the content staying the same.

The community is very friendly to share and work on the Open Source project. So when I have need for help on an extension or theme I have purchased that they will be very helpful.

Working on themes, modules, extensions and plugins always fell like you are adding a layer and it is add added benefit. To compare this with Wordpress I have found our developers have to hack into the core product often to add changes that are not ready in the default installation.

What do you dislike?

It takes a little project planning to think of the menu structure and categories for all the articles, each time you build a site.

In Joomla you can fill up categories with content articles, and also choose to make menus with articles or other types of pages. It offers power and also a bit of time effort to set these up so you can see and navigate around the content. So I recommend planning out a little first, or writing the pages and later add them to the CMS.

What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realised?

Being able to develop website projects that have interrogations or extra features above basic marketing content the structure allows the team to work together. With WordPress larger projects can feel like everyone is working in the same station spot, and the larger end Drupal requires expensive developers to make even the smallest changes, even after launch.

For which purposes do you use the product?

We have used this to build websites for different markets. Mostly they are to sell high ticket items or company features, with downloads or courses.

It can work as the main website, with interactive application and have blog section.

So we divide the work into frontend theme, content entry and then custom integrations or extension building.

What is your primary role when using this product?

For me the role is agency project manager, so I am the architect, the backend integration developer and bring everyone else together.

What is your relationship with this vendor?

This is an Open Source product so we do not have a contract with the vendor, but we do contribute back to the project. With testing code, going to conferences and working closely with core team contributors to help them plan the future of the product.

At which company did you most recently use this product?

A recent project that felt good to help was Inspire is not a typical 'expedition provider' instead they focus on cultural exchange, two-way learning and a true partnership between a school's students and one of our partner charities in Africa or India, building schools and community projects.

Are you a current user of Joomla?

We have build many Joomla! websites for our clients, seem more details on the Joomla! page..


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