Company growth gives the leader many more hands to shake - are you still relating?

Keeping channels open and keeping the message consistent when the flow needs to be passed to so many people, has always been a big business challenge.

The advancements in understanding, measuring and delivery that digital solutions have enabled, has made the world smaller and more personal for a lot of companies.

This month I got to sit down and learn Cliff Notes on Successful Communication Strategy from Dale Parmenter Founder & group CEO of DRP Group.

He has been in the presentation and communication industry for over 40 years. Today DRPG is recognised as one of the leading presentation and communication companies in the UK. The company works globally offering a range of creative development, video, live events, digital, exhibition and print.

Passionate about nurturing new talent and putting his people first. DRPG has appeared in the Sunday Times best 100 companies to work for list and has been awarded the Investors in People Gold standard for the 10th year running.

Dale shared a story of one company that was doing well around the world, and the CEO wanted to be personally connected to all the company. So partnering with DRP they added video and clear regular communication. Then with CEO retirement the company brought in a new leader who believed in only talking to direct reports.

As the time past they are still in business but now a small niche operation, and not a global company. While it is not all on the back of comms, this change in culture and not keeping everyone into a driving direction certainly did.

They work with needs to involve multiple departments. The data needed might sit in another department, so working more and more on retainer 3, 5, 10 years makes sense to build relationships. For some long term even have someone in their office part of their team.

"I find it strange you would not spend 1/2Mill on a piece of machinery without supporting data. But some companies are happy with no feedback and just the 'feeling' Comms worked, even if they spend a lot on it!" - Dale Parmenter

Listen to the interview hear, Dale in conversation with Tristan:
Podcast 27: Dale Parmenter how to excel at Comms for Manufacturing with DRP Group

Some highlights:

  • Find the right channel to communicate with. What is the message you want to communicate?
  • Working with a lot in manufacturing, automotive, retail, they have a broad diversity
  • We have now 7 sites, to be closer to clients and open in USA, Germany, Ireland, seeing experience brings a great opportunity
  • Push out around the world the same message. A town hall meeting for a global organisation, we have done many.
  • Hear the interview for more...

Photo Credit: Photo DRP Group

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