Online Concierge Service MVP to Minimum Marketable Product funding

Contract as Acting-CTO with this startup to get a Minimum Marketable Product for funding round developed.

Working with the CrowdButler product from CrowdMobile to help their startup team and remote in country operations team get a project ready for a country launch in the UK. After watching the test country data from the two months before, we took on the learnings and set things up for a round of A-round funding pitches.

The system had a php custom backend and a WordPress Multisite signup lead pages and marketing website. These linked through to sign up for a SMS based human concierge assistant service. So during opening hours, they would help you book reservations or order deliveries for you or anything a helpful butler assistant might. The product to the customer was all SMS based, so could work in low connection areas.

Webhook apis talked to a Java system build by the parent company running the admin tools and interface Gatway to SMS carriers.

As lead developer and acting CTO I managed the development team. As we scaled the app services that was in place. Structured the development process and priority estimates with the other business unit working on the SMS gateway.

I mapped the funnels and event action points on the api and websites and pushed those into Segment that we used to drive the event analytics into Mixpanel and Amplitude as well as take web data from Google Analytics.

We used these numbers to create a set of dashboards in Klipfolio. One set for operations use and one for marketing and CFO for the funding pitches.

CrowdButtler working beta CrowdButtler mobile service

Similar services to Online Concierge Service like, and Facebook M. Here is a general case study slide deck

The business model did not find traction though techcrunch post

Client: CrowdButler / CrowdMobile

Link to current CrowdButler website

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