Yes You Can Rentals

Built sales funnel application to bring the targeted rental customer form Facebook to CRM

Project team: designer, architect, 2 developers and frontend developer

Working as a company to grow the right project team to get the right price point and execution of building a system from scratch for the client.

Objective brief

We needed to hit the clients launch window of pre-Christmas to launch the startup with a good opportunity for success with the shoppers market.

Develop a solution that could match up the in house ad sales created to landing in the CRM for dispatch. A nicely designed low friction funnel was needed.

Yes You Can Rentals brings a new frictionless rental process to the UK, to the market that didn't have an online only solution


It's working even better than I hoped, I can watch the analytics as the customers go straight through the funnel Phillip Owner, Yes You Can Rentals


The aim of the Laravel app development was to push the strong consumer brand, and get the customer to delivery of their product and a signed contract. The App was just to be a conduit and not the main focus of the business. The sales team would work in the CRM, and product and customer data would be short lived sync to the App.

Yes You Can Rental, Laravel sales funnel app Yes You Can Laravel website


Working with the owners we planned out the flow, and needed data to get the customer to review their choice and progress through the checkout.

Working with the designers at the client's location, the process was blocked out while the API work could be coded separately.

BrightOffice, provide a custom CRM that is designed for these type of rental agreements businesses. They exposed APIs we could collect data on the web checkout and pass over to store in their CRM case records. The Sales team picked up the requests there and worked through the contract with customer.

The App we delivered worked well, and the agile approach let us adapt to improvements in production.

With the focus on targeted ad sales and not search traffic, the volume of traffic could be tuned at the Facebook end, and keep the checkout rate high. Scaling the sales staff to process the agreements as the sales grew.


We needed to back the APIs and data being collected in a way that could be reviewed as it was build, and choose to use Laravel Nova, as a fast first party solution from the framework maintainers.

As a young product we were very happy how it performed in production. Rapid setup on top of our base classes, and the features we used expanded over the build, as we found the Sales team requested more features, and needed to rely on it.

Training for it also went well as the streamlined simple interface was easy for them to follow.

The ongoing dialogue with everyone on the project team and sales team over slack and face to face, sped up testing and feedback loop. Great people to work with.

Client: Yes You Can Rentals

Link to current Yes You Can Rentals website

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