On-going process so bake in Privacy by Design

GDPR actionable steps

If you start with privacy in the blueprint it can be natural

The description that best summarises this evolution to a better set of practices is Privacy by Design. Starting these processes to every new point of data collection or processing will make it a more transparent and easier to implement. Company and systems buy-in from the planning stage up bakes it in for the users too.

Privacy by Design - The 7 Foundational Principles

  1. Proactive not Reactive; Preventative not Remedial
  2. Privacy as the Default Setting
  3. Privacy Embedded into Design
  4. Full Functionality — Positive-Sum, not Zero-Sum
  5. End-to-End Security — Full Lifecycle Protection
  6. Visibility and Transparency — Keep it Open
  7. Respect for User Privacy — Keep it User-Centric

Taken from Canadian work by Ann Cavoukian

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