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Our client base mainly regard themselves as engineers within their own organisations.

Dear Andie

I hope you are well and this year is successful for you.

When looking at your industry at mecmesin. Do you see it as engineering, manufacturing or something else ?

We see ourselves mainly as engineering, because we don't mass-produce, and customise quite a lot, through design. Also, our client base mainly regard themselves as engineers within their own organisations.

Could you share one or two pain points you might have generally as a company producing and marketing your products? This could be areas that are tricky to judge or topics people are writing about or discus at meetings as current practices or similar issues.

Variety of application can be difficult, because it requires a very broad expertise, where we meet with people doing every day what we do once a lifetime. Reading the market for new product development is difficult because of design lead times. We might aim for today's leading edge to find it's past by the time we get there.

Operating in global markets with limited presence in key countries and in many languages has its limitations, when translating documents, operating websites, co-ordinating distributors and agents, and introducing new products. It's a lot simpler and quicker if you speak the same language.

We buy in key components, some custom made, others standard. Keeping quality consistently high and delivery always on time, has been quite difficult at times. A change of part (e.g. a motor) for a more reliable source, might require a change in design, with all the follow on of documentation and illustration.

What did you look for when you contacted me in a developer?

Primarily I was looking for specific skills that we did not have (PHP/MySQL Joomla plug-in), someone who would understand the requirement clearly (context and technical), and deliver an affordable working solution that would remain understandable by ourselves.

Any reason you then choose to work with me?

There aren't many of you about, as far as I could find. From my paper specification and face-to-face conversation you were able to demonstrate similar examples and potential for more. You asked the right questions that made sense. During the projects we worked in stages that meant we didn't lose direction or intention. And the price was right.

Thank you and look forward to talking again in the future.



How do set a good size for your project goals?

[Send me your suggestion][1], I like to help people with their challenges.

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